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Manitoba - Minnesota - Ontario Tri-point

Coordinates (NAD27) N0000'0.0" W0000'0.0"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27)
UTM Coordinates (WGS84)
Elevation 0 feet (0.0 meters)


We put the kayak in at Prothero's Trading Post, about 4 miles SE of the tri-point and paddled up Angle Inlet to the location indicated by the GPS. At that point we happened to look S and noticed the perfectly aligned boundary vista between Minnesota and Manitoba. Local lore says there is a "wagon wheel", actually a large tractor wheel, partially submerged at or near the tri-point. The lake was several feet higher than usual during our visit and we did not locate the wagon wheel despite a thorough search. Wind and waves in the inlet were negligible, although we were told there is often a stiff NW wind.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Looking south through the boundary vista from the tri-point in the Lake of the Woods.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
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