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Montana - North Dakota - Saskatchewan Tri-point

Coordinates (NAD27) N0000'0.0" W0000'0.0"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 13T 569620 5427650
UTM Coordinates (WGS84)
Elevation 0 feet (0.0 meters)


This tri-point is at international boundary monument 583. The monument is a metal oblelisk at the end of a barbed wire fence between Montana and North Dakota. The best approach is from Westby, Montana along gravel roads shown on the topographic map. With a 4WD vehicle it is possible to drive along the Montana side of the fence line to within several hundred meters of the tri-point.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Brian Butler at the tri-point on July 24, 2001.
Photo by Gregg A. Butler
It is possible to drive along the fence separating Montana and North Dakota to within a short distance of the monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
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