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Maine - New Hampshire - Quebec Tri-point

Coordinates (NAD27) N0000'0.0" W0000'0.0"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 19T 336582 5018775
UTM Coordinates (WGS84) 19 T 336631 501898
Elevation 0 feet (0.0 meters)


This tri-point is marked by International Boundary Monument 475, also known as the Crown Monument. The best way to reach this point from the US side is to follow the forest road shown on the topo map to Rhubarb Pond. In September, 1999 it was not possible to cross the pond's outlet because beaver activity had flooded the road. Proceed on foot up the boundary ridge to a saddle point between the northernmost point in NH and the tri-point. Follow the boundary vista east to the tri-point or west to NHN. Please note that the USGS topographic map incorrectly depicts Monument 475. The following International Boundary Commission map is correct:

Photos (click to enlarge)

Brian J. Butler and friend at the tri-point (Monumnet 475).
Photo by Gregg Butler
Previous Monument 475 before replacement in 1993. Notice NH/ME marker stone in front of monument. This marker is described in Boundaries of the United States and the Several States [USGS Publication 909] by Franklin K. Van Zandt.
Photo by Carl Gustafson
Detail of the NH/ME stone.
Photo by Carl Gufstafson
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