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Connecticut - Massachusetts - Rhode Island Tri-state

Coordinates (NAD27) N4200'28.6" W7147'58.5"
UTM Coordinates (NAD27) 19T 268156 4654238
UTM Coordinates (WGS84) 19T 268163 4654451
Elevation 625 feet (190.5 meters)


The Connecticut-Massachusetts-Rhode Island tri-state point is marked with a granite monument inscribed with the names of the states and the year 1883. The easiest way to reach the monument is to take Southwest Main Street in Douglas, MA or East Thompson Road in Thompson, CT to a point opposite High Street in Douglas. Walk east along a trail for about 1000 feet to an intersection with an old railroad grade. Follow the grade southwest for about three quarters of a mile until you pass through a metal gate marking the Connecticut boundary. After a few hundred feet more, take the small trail which exits left (S). Follow this trail several hundred yards until it begins to ascend a steep hill of loose rocks and gravel. The monument is near the top of this slope. Nearby are additional metal markers which were intended as corrections to the tri-state location. These were made in the 1930's but were never accepted. The granite marker is the true tri-state and has a long legal history behind it.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Brian Butler and Honey at the tri-state monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
Copper disk from a 1937 survey located about 30 feet south of the tri-state monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
Jim Butler, Honey, and the Connecticut side of the tri-state monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
Massachusetts side of the tri-state monumnet showing 1883 incription.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
Mike Donner inspecting the tri-state monument at dusk.
Photo by Mike Donner
Rhode Island side of the tri-state monument.
Photo by Brian J. Butler
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